CBC declares it, and so it must be so! “The memo leak, which is being dubbed NAFTA-gate…”

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It is being dubbed NAFTA-gate.  Being dubbed, huh? Well that’s just awesome.

That “being dubbed” is an official dubbing directive, apparently being hailed down to CBC reporters from some awesome phantom scandal-naming operatives at that state-run state-owned media, the CBC, through its vaunted scandal naming division.  It’s a very powerful, awesome division.  And what they say goes —and it goes unquestioned, baby!  If they say it’s “NAFTA-gate”, then it shall be “NAFTA-gate”.  Forget the “so-called” and the funky air quotes, it’s now a Canadian value!  God save the Queen (or lack of God, or whatever you choose therein to effectively save the Queen; vote liberal.)

Similarly today, the Globe and Mail has been instructed, apparently from high-level journalism gurus trained at that exact same CBC scandal-naming division, and has said today in an article”…the Canadian embassy in Washington won’t respond to questions about “NAFTA-gate,” as the issue has been dubbed.”  Well that’s just super awesome.

The issue “has been dubbed”.  And on the seventh day, God rested.

Well he rested after first instructing the National Post to similarly call it “NAFTA-gate”, with quotes around it.  But I suppose we can take heart in the fact that they, and they alone, have tried to properly explain the actual story here rather than simply trying to cast Harper and his government as junior Nixons and flinging “gates” open here and there, to wit:

…The “Nafta-gate” episode laid bare some key weaknesses in Mr. Obama’s campaign.

The Illinois senator and his staff badly misjudged the potential impact of early media reports which said—inaccurately, as it turned out—that an Mr. Obama aide spoke directly with Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson.

When details emerged that Mr. Goolsbee actually met with the Chicago consulate, Mr. Obama’s campaign continued to outright deny the story until the Canadian memo was leaked to the media.

“They got caught, at least, in a misstatement,” said Herb Asher, a political scientist at Ohio State University. “The initial response was ‘there is nothing to this,” Then, of course, there was something to it. That does undermine credibility.” …

That, from the National Post, which is as strange a source of honesty about this issue as any, since as I’ve been pointing out in my “Daily Hillarack” posts, The Great Obama seems to be the National Post’s very own poster boy for President. 

So let’s clarify further. If the Hillary Clinton allegations are true…

• Obama had been double-talking to Ohio voters about NAFTA.  That’s what you call BS.
• Obama denied a meeting took place between his advisor and a Canadian consular staffer, in which the advisor told the staffer that all Obama’s rhetoric about tearing-up or renegotiating NAFTA was merely to placate Ohio voters, and wasn’t to be taken seriously.  That’s what you also call BS, because a meeting did take place.
• When confronted with a memo proving the meeting did take place, Obama’s staff said the words in the memo were all wrong and that the interpretation of the discussion was all wrong.  That is what you also call BS, as I see it.

And taken together, this BS is what you might stridently call “OBAMA-gate”, if you really have to stick a “gate” after anything at all. 

As if to prove Canada’s relative innocence in all of this, naturally, Jack Layton and his you’ve got to be kidding party are demanding that someone contact the authorities at the RCMP.  Layton and his minions are always demanding that someone call the RCMP, strike up a royal inquiry, send something or other to the ethics committee, launch an internal investigation under the direction of numerous NDP committee members, or at the very least hold numerous committee meetings at which tea and buns are served. 

Referring back to the National Post article:

His [referring to Obama] remarks were reminiscent of the lyrics from an Oscar-nominated song sung by animated characters in the 1999 South Park film.

“It seems like everything’s gone wrong, since Canada came along,” the cartoon characters sang. “We must blame them and cause a fuss, before somebody thinks of blaming us.”

Where Layton can’t blame America, for his own political reasons (Obama is a far-left liberal!), he blames his own country and all the wrong people.  Add that to the BS pile behind the unpatriotic unrestrained political ambition-gate.

By the way, someone should send the South Park DVD collection to reporter Alexander Panetta at Canadian Press because he seems to blame it on America rather than Canada.  He writes”…what the American media are now calling NAFTAgate.”


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