CBC anchor: “There’s a huge amount of interest in what Barack has — Barack Obama—has to say”

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The Article

imageI was excited that while discussing their buddy “Barack”, maybe anchor Nancy Wilson and the CBC’s Washington Johnny on the spot Susan Bonner would bring up the historically enormous march in Washington against him and his style of government and corruption over the weekend.  Hey is Bonner the one who came up with “thousands”?  But I digress.  No, they’re talking about “Barack’s” upcoming speech to Wall Street today, in which he plans to tell them he’s going to add additional government meddling into the free enterprise system in order to further enhance government and central planning control over it.  Because it worked so well last time, and because when government fails, it means more government is necessary, vote liberal, and it’s an alaman left, anda alaman right, sawing yer partner…

I still remember when she used to call her good friend President Bush “George”. 

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