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Canadian media firm Quebecor seeks conservative-tolerant news channel license

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Advice to GOP, which Canada’s CPC should heed: Just. Say. No.

Washington Post — From this surprising source  — the...

Lefty Mayor caught maskless but it’s ok: “I was feelin’ the spirit!”

National Review — Another article you won't read in 99% of the "news" media because, oh do I even have to say it?... she's a lefty mayor! (and we can well imagine the "news" media's faux outrage if she was a he and he was a Republican):

The mayor of San Francisco [London Breed] says that she shouldn’t be criticized for breaking her own COVID rules, because, and I quote, “I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.” CBS reports:

“We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,” said Breed during an interview to address the controversy.

The city’s health order states attendees at live indoor performances must remain masked except when actively eating or drinking. Breed maintained that she was drinking at the time.

“My drink was sitting at the table,” said Breed. “I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.”
As Charles C.W. Cooke points out, the hideousness doesn't stop just at her hypocrisy, her failure to take responsibility for her own actions, or her elitist rule-breaking, it's the fact that she laments the notion of "the fun police," when, in fact, as mayor and as the perpetrator of these asinine rules, she IS "the fun police."

Best post-election headline so far

Wall Street Journal — They get the headline just about right: Their opener:

The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher counseled that in politics “standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous. You get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.” That’s the lesson delivered to Canada’s Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole in Monday’s national election.

I like that they added this because Canadian "news" media are loathed to mention it:

Yet while they again won the popular vote, they finished a distant second in seat count with about 119, two seats down from 2019. (By the way, the Tories have won the popular vote in five of the last six elections, which is a lesson for Americans who think this only happens because of the Electoral College.)

They see what I see. O'Toole: Speaking in pale pastels — largely pink — instead of bold colors. Lesson #596 for the Conservative Party of Canada. They'll learn someday. Maybe.
Read the WSJ take here. (Free link)

BC’s NDP gov and their “news” media divisions hiding stats and facts? Here’s one. For all the noise from the Canadian national "news" media, you'd think Ontario was the only province in the country, and that it's doing terribly with regard to the Wuhan Virus (which everybody still calls "COVID" on orders from the Communist Party of China). That's not news to anyone outside of Ontario. What might be news to people both outside and inside of Ontario is that BC's rate of death is nearly twice that of Ontario.
Don't worry lefties, even people in BC don't know that, because the "news" media in BC are actually cheerleaders for the NDP government of BC — much as the national news media is actually a division of the federal Liberal Party (well and the Ontario Liberal Party of course). Ontario is led by a party with the word "Conservative" in it, even though "Progressive" is the first and foremost word and concept in their party name and style of governance. But, you know, it's just deathn shit. Politics is way more important to the "news" media.
Facts. Get 'em anywhere you can, because you can't reliably get them from the "news" media.
See also:
And from liberalvision CTV: Secrecy over B.C.'s true number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

“The government beat the citizens! Yay!” —an elitist Canadian socialist

The Liberal Party's very own state-owned CBC's "news" (hahahahaha)...

The objective left on the regressive left

Writing beautifully about the racist and discriminatory plight of...

Take a Hint, Canada.

Yahoo News — Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigned on Thursday after parliament formally condemned her handling of the Afghanistan evacuation crisis.
Too bad Canada doesn't have a Parliament. Or a news media.

Canada Excluded From International China Security Pact

Globe and Mail Dismissed by Justin Trudeau as merely a crass American salesman's move to pawn off the latest high-tech US-built nuclear subs to what we have to therefore assume he thinks are the total idiot Aussies, the three-nation deal didn't even include Canada in the talks leading up to the historic pact. And after Trudeau's comments on the matter (and the aforementioned attitude toward the Aussies), you can understand why.
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday played down Canada’s exclusion from the Indo-Pacific security deal, saying it is merely a way for the U.S. to sell nuclear submarines to Australia ... “This is a deal for nuclear submarines, which Canada is not currently or any time soon in the market for. Australia is.”"
In a clear indication that even Trudeau's political bro Joe Biden doesn't actually take him or Canada seriously anymore (forcing one to wonder if his high-fivin' bro Barack Obama doesn't also come off as a bit two-faced after Obama gave Trudeau a campaign "endorsement" this week), even Canadian officials were left in the dark. Almost like Canada can't even be trusted anymore on any level.

"Three officials, representing Canada’s foreign affairs, intelligence and defence departments, told The Globe and Mail that Ottawa was not consulted about the pact, and had no idea the trilateral security announcement was coming until it was made on Wednesday by U.S. President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison."

Trudeau, in contrast, delayed Canada's Wuhan Virus immunization program by signing a deal not with the Americans or Brits, but with... CHINA, for vaccines, in what turned out to be a total failure with countless Canadian lives lost as a result. What is going on here?

And the science SAYSSS…

National Post —Move over Donald Trump. In their NP Platformed email available to subscribers, columnist Sabrina Maddeaux calmly explains that Justin Trudeau's recent uncontrolled angry outbursts — one at a citizen who was rude, and one at a reporter who dared challenge him with actual reporter-like questions — provides a clue as to his baser instincts. And if you saw these outbursts, you'd agree, it isn't a good look for him or any normal human. But moreover, it's a terrible look for anyone claiming the title of Prime Minister. But it's this new line of anti-science, pure crass political campaign bullshit that has me riled:
"...At a weekend rally in Oakville, Ont., Trudeau revealed his hand when he claimed that, “If you want this pandemic to end, go out and vote Liberal.” He repeated the message again, even turning it up a notch, in Surrey, B.C., on Monday, saying, “If you want this pandemic to end for good, go out and vote Liberal!”
"This is the ultimate false promise by a politician who’s become infamous for making false promises. No one can guarantee he will be able to end the pandemic. In fact, the expert consensus seems to be that there will be no real end to it: the virus will become endemic and we will be forced to live with it, albeit hopefully more normally. ..."
So it's "follow the science," and "the science says... to vote Liberal”? Many, especially the media, would dismiss "bible belt" politicians who insinuated that "God wants you to vote [whatever way].  This blowhard — and his disciples — should be treated no differently.

I mused about this a long time ago, back in 2005 (here and here — back when I was an even worse writer), after Fox News Channel was finally unbanned in Canada by the liberals’ CRTC division, under enormous pressure from the likes of me and people like me, PTBC, and our fellow readers.  Fox News Channel is currently the best channel available in Canada. 

I was on a different tangent back then as corporate mergers were shaping up, but it involved the only likely candidate I could find — Quebecor — eventually making an attempt to start their own Fox News Channel-style news network. 

Now, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star are freaking out reporting on this very possibility.  And of course the state-owned CBC is also addressing the issue — it’s in their “Consumer Life” section!  Oh dear. 

•  Quebecor eyes Fox News-style TV for Canada

•  Fox News North? Former Harper spokesman joins QMI bid for all-news network

The state-owned CBC failed to mention “Fox News Channel” in their headline of course.  It gives them the heebee-jeebees.
•  Former PM aide joins bid for news network  (CBC’s sisters at the state-owned CBC/National Post News and Advertising Cooperative division isn’t covering the story today.  One story is enough!) 


There is just too much tolerance and open-mindedness amongst the CBC fanboy comments to list them all here, but this first one is funny because it unwittingly admits “we” don’t even need their sacred CBC.  Just the same, he would like our government regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV — the CRTC — to officially cleanse our nation of any non-socialism-reliant news channels, including even the privately-owned liberalvision station, CTV.

NewfyNeil wrote:
Here in Canada we don’t need some right wing clown channel to tell us how it is, we can figure that out for ourself. I say reject the proposal and flush ctv newsnet down the drain with it.

One CBC’er reflexively thought of our Ann Coulter, like this —using that no-need-to-explain-further —style, as if it’s more than self-evident enough to stand on its own as vile and disgusting:

Middle of the Road wrote:
With guest commentator Anne Coulter.

It only took me 14 seconds to find the first far-leftist CBC fanboy Idiot du Jour, who (a) doesn’t realize that Nazis are leftists/socialists; and (b) can’t resist baselessly calling all people with whom he disagrees “Nazis.”  And of course the CBC moderators APPROVE it, as usual.

soxaphone player wrote:
All part of the Harper regime’s master plan based on Mein Kampf.

One fan is in deep, (sad! — no sorry:  “sad, sad”!) emotionally “disturbing” distress.  I mean deep.  Deeply disturbed that conservative thoughts and ideas might possibly leak out into society, opening minds to an alternative point of view… in Canada… imagine the horrible… tolerance… that would be required….

Halifaxsampson wrote:
…The news that a “Fox News” clone may come to Canada is very disturbing. An ultra right-wing propaganda machine will not dispense “fair & balanced” reporting.It will appeal only to those who need ratification of their own right-wing views.It will not open dialogue but close it. We do not need a further polarization of political opinion to emerge in Canada.

This is a sad,sad day.

As is almost always the case in my experience, no CBC fan has ever watched Fox News Channel, but they’re absolute experts on it.  This comment proves my point:

RoyCinToronto wrote:
We already have Fox News Canada – it’s called CTV News Channel.

Here’s another one who conflates the very best historic example of extreme left-wing, socialist fascists (Hitler, Musolini, etc), with conservatives, making him the far-left extremist Idiot du Jour #2:

Major Tom wrote:
It’s always a swell idea to blur the line between political parties and media outlets. It worked wonders for Bush Jr. – just like it worked wonders for Goebbels and Franco and Mussolini – and just look at all the great stuff that happened because of them…

Here’s a prime example of what happens when a country only has far-left and left-wing liberal/progressive media and academia.  Pure far-left bigoty and hate, which they feel perfectly comfortable expressing openly —on a state-owned, state-run, moderated news media web site, and with good reason:  APPROVED by the state-owned CBC!:

jbroderi wrote:
It’ll never fly. There aren’t enough dumb, redneck, racist hillbillies in Canada for this type of thing to fly. Thre are a lot, don’t get me wrong, just not quite enough for a Fox style news station.

Here’s Idiot du Jour #3 who thinks the socialist Nazis were “right-wing”, and has an ever so earnest, intellectually honest and sane warning for our own country:

backdoor wrote:
I think that it was Goebbels who had cheap German radios made so that everyone in Germany could listen to the propaganda over the radio waves….it worked for them …for a while.

This one thinks we are of a superior race to the Americans, who are a stupid people… owing to, um, the weather.  We a superior race.  Huh.  But “we’re” not “Nazis”.  Weird, huh?

theodore1 wrote:
FOX went after the lowest common denominator in viewership and they got it. Unfortunately our society is more numerous on the not so brightside. Is Canada this way? No. What does make us a little smarter than our cousins south of the border is our weather.

Idiot du Jour #4

Creedence01 wrote:
Next move after this….Burn all of the books and replace them with PROPAGANDA. HEIL HARPER.

Here’s one of the CBC’s many nurtured COMMUNISTS (I highlighted the yummy bit):

Russell Soliton wrote:
The Selfservatives want their own media outlet to ensure that their “real message” gets out to the people. This is frightening. The private ownership of all media should be banned. Instead, groups from all areas of society should have equal access to newspaper, radio and television outlets. Those groups collectively should decide what rules need be applied to ensure honesty, integrity, no defamation of others, etc. Free speech can only exist if we all have equal access to it. With the high concentration of private ownership Canadian media is not impartial; we hear the voices of the corporate owners. We need to be able to hear the voices of the people.

Idiot du Jour #5:

Wild Otter wrote:
Just what we all need, a fascist broadcast network.

AND BUSH DID 9/11!  Submitted by “demsoc” (which I think stands for democratic socialist)

demsoc wrote:
Could you imagine a network showing “Fuzzy Blue” 24/7 with some excerpts, all properly edited, of the puppets? Look, there’s wee Jimmy speaking about the last budget. What language is that? Hey, Baird’s perma-scowl has magically disappeared. Clement’s lips are out of sync to the dialogue, gosh it isn’t even his voice. Harper looks as if he’s lost weight. But, on a more positive note, that might reduce the number of paid CPC posters on this site.

All this and so much more on the state-owned CBC news and other media web site.

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