Canada ranks behind Malta, Slovenia, and Lithuania in vaccines race

Canada is lagging behind, very badly, in terms of doses administered per hundred population. This according to and Statistica.

The top five in the world are: Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, United Kingdom, United States.

So Canada is 6th? No. 10th? No. At 13th, Canada is behind Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia, and others. You will find more infographics at Statista.

The U.S. is well over double Canada in terms of doses per hundred population. You can be damned sure they’re not going to tell you that! At least not until Biden is sworn in! (God they’re going to miss Trump!) Canada is at about 1.5 doses administered per hundred, the U.S. at 3.7. (Malta is at 2.1!)

This is not reported in Canada’s big overblown taxpayer-subsidized news media. Weird what they decide to tell you and not tell you, huh?

We’re sure Trudeau is “extremely concerned.” Possibly “disappointed.” So let’s wait for those exact headlines.

P.S. — Also see: Alberta halts roll-out of first doses of COVID-19 vaccine due to lack of supply

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