“Breathless audacity,” a.k.a. “total bull.”

Here’s a good passage from Rex Murphy today in his National Post column, “Santa Justin puts a lump of coal in every Canadian’s Christmas stocking” — with a sub-head, “To try to sell the hiked carbon tax as an answer to the economic devastation of the past year is a breathless audacity”:

“…Global warming science is a hodgepodge of wild models, failed predictions, overzealous researchers, and a great clutter of thousands of advocacy organizations that have been bellowing “the science is settled” when it so plainly isn’t and can’t be, for over two decades now.

“It has no precision, no empirical measurement, no replication. It does not follow the canons of experiment and observation. It is a vague cloud of passionate alarmism linked to the feverish religiosity of radical environmentalism, and far too closely resembling, if not replicating, the outbursts of millenarianism that have been the hallmark of irrationality through the centuries…”

As a chaser he adds this bon mot, which will exasperate the innumerable anti-American Canadian liberal holier-than-thous even further than they already are:

“China is not on board. India is not on board. Russia doesn’t care. The U.S. has no federal carbon tax and yet has lowered carbon-dioxide emissions more successfully than Canada…”

Ouch. In a good way.

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