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Biden supports Putin/Russia gas line to Germany; but kills thousands of Canadian Keystone and Line 5 jobs and investment

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And the science SAYSSS…

National Post —Move over Donald Trump. In their NP Platformed email available to subscribers, columnist Sabrina Maddeaux calmly explains that Justin Trudeau's recent uncontrolled angry outbursts — one at a citizen who was rude, and one at a reporter who dared challenge him with actual reporter-like questions — provides a clue as to his baser instincts. And if you saw these outbursts, you'd agree, it isn't a good look for him or any normal human. But moreover, it's a terrible look for anyone claiming the title of Prime Minister. But it's this new line of anti-science, pure crass political campaign bullshit that has me riled:
"...At a weekend rally in Oakville, Ont., Trudeau revealed his hand when he claimed that, “If you want this pandemic to end, go out and vote Liberal.” He repeated the message again, even turning it up a notch, in Surrey, B.C., on Monday, saying, “If you want this pandemic to end for good, go out and vote Liberal!”
"This is the ultimate false promise by a politician who’s become infamous for making false promises. No one can guarantee he will be able to end the pandemic. In fact, the expert consensus seems to be that there will be no real end to it: the virus will become endemic and we will be forced to live with it, albeit hopefully more normally. ..."
So it's "follow the science," and "the science says... to vote Liberal”? Many, especially the media, would dismiss "bible belt" politicians who insinuated that "God wants you to vote [whatever way].  This blowhard — and his disciples — should be treated no differently.

Two NDP humans resign their candidacy for alleged racist tropes

The National Post headline reads, "Two federal NDP candidates...

Inflation races higher in Canada — another new emergent threat to any economic recovery

Globe and Mail — They're reporting that Canada’s inflation rate jumps to 4.1%, fastest pace since 2003, sending shockwaves to almost nobody in the news media ahead of the stupid election. For example, the state-owned CBC "news media" division of the Trudeau Liberals reports it as their news item number seven or eight from the top. The G&M, as if explaining it to the CBC, wrote:
"The Statscan report arrives just five days before a federal election that’s seen affordability emerge as a key theme on the campaign trail, with all major parties pitching ideas to rein in a variety of costs, including for housing, child care and wireless plans..."
The cost of "wireless plans" is something like priority number 18,539 for me and 99% of the country, but Jagmeet Singh and the NDP — and therefore their loyal media at every opportunity — make out like it's more important than... I don't know.... inflation at 4% and Canada falling out of the economic freedom top ten... to say nothing of trillion-dollar debts and out-of-control budgets, and that thing about the end of our freedom of speech 'n junk like that. But ma wireless plan!!%#

Not “election news,” apparently: Canada drops out of top 10 countries in annual economic freedom report

Fraser Institute — In a sane land with actual journalism, this would be front-page news, one week ahead of an election. "In this year’s report, Canada ranks 14th based on 2019 data, the most recent comprehensive data, part of a downward trend since 2016. (Last year, Canada initially ranked 8th, although data revisions later lowered its rank to 13th.)"
“Due to higher taxes and increased regulation in Ottawa and the provinces, Canadians are less economically free, which means slower economic growth and less investment in Canada,” said Fred McMahon, Dr. Michael A. Walker Research Chair in Economic Freedom at the Fraser Institute.
Economic Freedom of the World: 2021 Annual Report is the world's premier measurement of economic freedom, ranking countries based on five areas—size of government [Canada: 111th], legal structure and property rights, access to sound money, freedom to trade internationally, regulation of credit, labour and business. In this year's report, which compares 165 countries and territories, Hong Kong is again number one—although China's heavy hand will likely lower Hong Kong's ranking in future years—and Canada (14th) trails the United States (6th).

Why isn’t this the biggest story in Canada?

National Review — "Why Isn’t the Attack on Larry Elder the Biggest Story in America?"  Their sub-head put it exactly right:
"A white woman in a gorilla mask threw an egg at a black man seeking to become the first non-white governor of our largest state, and the media shrug."
And they begin their story much as I have over the years: "Do a search for “Larry Elder” and gorilla on the CNN website and nothing comes up. Washington Post? Zilch. Nothing comes up on the New York Times site either..." — only replace those outfits with CBC, CTV, Global, Globe & Mail, etc.
In case you're stupid, let me fill you in: Larry Elder is a black man, but moreover, and in fact almost entirely over, he is a conservative man of considerable intellect and conscience. A Republican.
Indeed, in Canada, wherein they talk endlessly about evvvvvvery instance of "racism" in America in their activist effort to have it spill over into Canada and create divisions here to help fulfill their political ends, they utterly ignored this overt racism doozy. Why? Because they're hypocritical, dishonest, ideological, political... anything but journalists. They should all be ashamed of themselves. But I bet they aren't.
And yet they are so self-assured and arrogant that despite their obvious corruption, which they don't even care if you notice, they continue to demand and accept YOUR taxpayer handouts.

WE: The liberals’, the Liberals’, and Trudeau’s shame —documented in 4-part podcast

The Podcastosphere — I've listened to four parts of the well-done series titled "The White Saviors," narrated by Olusola Adeogun. There will be one more episode. The series documents the "cult" — yes, cult is the word used by an interviewee who worked for them — that is the liberals' own WE organization. I always thought of this WE group as cult-y, and corrupt, and as phony as a Liberal or NDP campaign promise, and as a leftist brainwashing center of bullshittery, but now, more so. Including, or especially because of, Justin Trudeau's participation in it. And the news media's love of it. And Big Public Education's embrace of it. And all of that combined.
The podcast is well described as "the exclusive story of a charity that did well when it was supposed to be doing good."
Produced by Canadaland, which has been on it for years, and arguably broke the story of WE and Liberal Party corruption in 2020.

Click and learn:

Biden’s poll numbers are too embarrassing for the “news” media — I bring you the numbers because the others won't. The "news" media only bring you the news they want you to know, filtered through their very special way of telling it to you — because as you know, they're not really a "news media" at all. Therefore, Biden being increasingly underwater, as demonstrated by the scientific data that the news media studiously refuses to follow at, is ignored. They are lying through omission.
Click to see chart
Read a well-reasoned explanation of Biden's declining poll numbers by Rich Lowry, at Politico, but not at any of the "news media" outlets that couldn't stop reporting on Trump's declining poll numbers.

We won’t “get thru this together,” any more, boyfriend.

Globe and Mail — The Liberals' Globe and Mail division sounded off today on none other than their hero, liberalism's fancy-socked neo-liberal, The Right Woke Justin Trudeau. Seems the marriage is off.
"...We will never find comfort in the Liberal Leader’s corrupted line that we will “get through this together.” He doesn’t mean it. Only certain people matter to Mr. Trudeau – the ones he uses to prosecute identity politics for the singular purpose of furthering his destiny. ..."
The G&M, in a historic fashion reminiscent of the Maclean's revelation of two years ago, suddenly wakes up to discover that the Emperor wears no clothes; or at least those he does wear are just butt-ugly, overly showy, and of poor — possibly Fabrique en Chine —quality. He is, in fact, Right Woke, as I've been saying. And thus, the G&M finally seems to have woken up. Good morning.

Vacation in Progress – a Quicktake

I regret to inform you that even I have...

Vacation in progress

I regret to inform you that even I have to take time off. Plus, my office is getting re-carpeted, and thus my office furniture and computer (whatever that is) is currently jammed into another room, much of it standing on its end, and inaccessible. I could do all my work on a laptop, like I'm doing now, but I'm not an animal. Summer's nearly over, and thus, so will be my vacationing.

Democratic Party President Joe Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline on his very first day in office, so important was it for him to say shove it to Canada in the most auspicious way possible, and shove it to to any oil and gas enthusiasts (like Democrats who live in heated homes and drive cars or fly). In the process, he also flipped the bird to thousands of Canadians whose jobs and investment were summarily killed. Thousands of American jobs were lost too. Celebrations all around, amongst the left.

On his first day! It was that important to him, you know, for climate change and whatnots. He now also supports Democratic Michigan Governor Whitmer’s insane embargo against Canada as she blocks the Line 5 gas line from Michigan to Ontario and Quebec. To stop all the global warming and etc., dontchaknow.

Yet Biden, hot off the story of a devastated U.S. gas line company that was attacked by allegedly Russian hackers, causing untold mayhem and extreme concern in the U.S. north east, has today happily signaled his support for Russia and Vladimir Putin and their nice new gas pipeline to Germany by dropping U.S. sanctions against it. Even if that made political or economic or moral sense which it mostly certainly doesn’t, it’s a very tendentious gas line being built from nasty Russia to supply Germany, and is broadly seen as a terrible decision by Germany, which even the E.U. is against. This Biden decision comes even as Russia and Putin carry on as despots, national security threats, international espionage rats, and global villains.

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes it up succinctly:

…While the Biden Administration wants to target Russian ships working on the nearly complete pipeline, the company running the project and its CEO won’t face sanctions. State will recognize that Nord Stream 2 AG and its leader—a former East German intelligence officer—deserve to be sanctioned. Yet restrictions on a Putin crony will be waived in the name of “U.S. national interests.” This is the kind of move that prompted the media to assert that Donald Trump must be a Russian agent.

The decision suggests Mr. Biden doesn’t want to blow up his relationship with the German government, which strongly supports the pipeline. But this gets it backward. The project generates bipartisan opposition in the U.S., and in April the European Parliament called for it to be stopped. Germans have the responsibility to avoid damaging relations with Washington and the rest of the Continent. …

… As one of his first official acts, Mr. Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline that would improve U.S. energy security. He is treating a pipeline that increases Russian influence and income better than one that enhances America’s.

Naturally the WSJ isn’t necessarily concerned with Canada’s situation — Canada’s “energy security” as they say of the U.S. — since that is not their job, it is supposed to be Trudeau’s job and the job of Canadian voters. Nonetheless, Canada is the story’s real kicker here. Or I should say, Canada is the one who’s ass is being kicked, here, by a woman and a 78-year-old old man.

How proud are we?!

This latest ass-kicking aside, this whole pipeline question is increasingly fraught with irony after irony, and by increasingly fabulous displays of hideous lies and hypocrisies from every leftward-pointing angle.

Regarding Line 5, Leftist Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is closing it based on supposed environmental considerations of some fashionable sort. Leftist PM Trudeau (L) and his bobblehead Liberals along with every Liberal and NDP voter in Ontario and every leftist voter in Quebec, yammer on all day long about the horribleness of building pipelines in the west (or anywhere at all), with all their very fashionable and cool-sounding climate and environmental gibberish, parlaying it only to help achieve their very yummy political ends (as they drive their cars, heat their homes, fly in jets, and take cruises). Yet here they are now facing a devastating shortage of gas and petroleum products as a partial result of the anti-pipeline rhetoric they themselves engage in every day — and base their entire vote on. And now they’re worried, and complaining. Complaining, and trying every angle to get nasty Whitmer (D) to change her nasty mind, and trying to get nasty Biden (D), who just kicked their ass and all of ours, to help them change nasty Whitmer’s nasty mind. To get the oil and gas they actually love and crave and require in pursuit of their fashionable lives.

Life can be nasty when you lack principles. Or vote Democrat. Or Liberal.

And what could have helped them avoid all this suffering and hypocrisy and even the accompanying nasty embarrassment? A Canadian pipeline, built in Canada, serving Canadians, using Canadian oil and gas, built by private Canadian investment using countless thousands of Canadian workers across the Canadian nation. Trudeau and the Liberals quickly and rather inexplicably shuttered any hope of a trans Canada gas and oil pipeline from Alberta to the east (called Energy East) early on in his career as PM, again for supposed environmental and climate change reasons. But if we’re honest, and principled, one simply has to acknowledge, because we’re not completely stupid, it was for pure partisan ideological and crass political expediency reasons. Certainly not for our “energy security.” Not for our economy. Not for climate change. Not for our job growth or investment prospects. But again, back then, it was celebrations all around. It was cheered by all of Ontario’s Liberal and further left voters, by most of the news media, and by everyone in Quebec except maybe three people. Because Liberal. Trudeau. NotConservative.

Now they’re bitching about their shiny Democratic Party big sister in Michigan, and Uncle Joe in D.C. who they thought were like family but instead ended up getting a can of whoop-ass.

In addition, all center-left and leftist voters and politicians pretended for four years (and some still do because alas, some people are simply stupid) that Donald Trump was “a Russian spy” or a dupe being paid-off by Russia, a stool pigeon, or a secret “Russian asset” as they kept saying, loudly, on MSNBC and CNN for four years, with Canadian news media playing right along like the blinkered liberal-left numskulls and suckups they are. But look here, as the sober and conservative Wall Street Journal editors quietly point out, it’s Joe Biden who is behaving exactly as if he were literally in the pocket of Russia and a gas pipeline company. A Russian gas company mind you, not the Ukrainian one his son literally got into the back pocket of (and possibly dad too, although that element is still lacking evidentiary detail unlike that of his son) — but the news about which Twitter and most of the news media literally censored, on account of free speech and democracy, or some such utter bullshit. Biden is now dismantling the roadblocks the Trump administration set up against Putin and Russia and their gas pipeline, which Trump did for solid, sound, principled reasons, having nothing to do with phony environmental virtue-signaling, and which helped prove he was anything but an asset to Russia or a friend to Putin.

It’s rich. But smart people will learn something from it all, become honest, they leave the cult, and they grow up.

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