Biden dances to another Trump tune — the second in as many days.

Hot off the heels of Biden’s little jig where he cancelled, but then do-si-doed and (re-)opened an investigation Trump started, which was looking into the question of whether or not the Wuhan Virus started in the Wuhan Virology Lab, an investigation which was roundly mocked as “conspiracy theory” and as “racist,” etc. by him and others and almost all of the news media, Biden has taken another turn on the dance floor. That was a long run-on sentence but there’s a lot of BS to cover here in this dance-off.

It was with great gloominess (not to say that the genuineness of the said gloominess was “great,” but rather that the gloominess was publicly exhibited and performed with such great flourish and with such great news media fanfare) that Joe Biden expressed his dismay over Donald Trump withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty last year.

Trump withdrew from the treaty last year because intelligence (as opposed to, say, Joe Biden) dictated that it be so. Russia (apparently, according to CNN and others, Trump’s “employer” as a “spy” or a “foreign agent”) was violating the treaty in several ways, according to national security staff and foreign intelligence. Horrible! Trump is so so stupid! He gonna blow up America! Nazi!! etc., cha cha cha.

During the presidential election campaign Biden was also vocally against the move (albeit from his basement, reading from scripts that were written for him). Biden would thus obviously re-join the thing, as soon as he was sword in. Allemande left. By which I mean de man is a lefty.

Until he didn’t. And today, with great quietness from himself and from his adoring media who had earlier made such a loud and annoying break dance out of Trump withdrawing and how horrible that all was, Biden sheepishly announced that he would not be re-joining the treaty, on account of the fact (the fact!) that, well, Trump was right (no, Biden did not say “Trump was right.” Are you kidding?). Biden admitted [“Trump’s employer”] Russia, was in fact (in fact!) violating the treaty, and thus America must not be a party to that. He said it as if he choreographed the dance all by himself. J-Lo would be proud.

A grand jeté. 

“Further, Russia’s behavior, including its recent actions with respect to Ukraine, is not that of a partner committed to confidence-building,” a spokeswoman said, according to the Wall Street Journal. Smooth grand jeté, there, Joe. (And nice tutu!).

Nor is it “confidence-building” when you bullshit your way through serious global policy issues and make dramatic yet total BS public pronouncements just to make it look like you’re smarter, or you’re winning a dance-off against your opponent. This ain’t no disco.

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