BC Liberal leadership candidate: first up: raise minumum wage by 25% in worst recession in decades

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“First BC Liberal Leadership candidate
wants min. wage hike”

Wants wage increased to $10 per hour

The timing is perfect.  Businesses going bankrupt.  Investment drying up.  Businesses freaked-out about hiring anybody.  This is sure to get the economy moving and people employed. 

OK OK I’m just kidding.  Obviously it will have the desired effect:  force more people to be more reliant on the government.  But that was fun.  Essentially, it is a promise to bankrupt small businesses, and force layoffs, and increase poverty and welfare roles. And increase demand for those fantastic MADE IN CHINA labels.  (See?  Communism does work!)

But perhaps her next promise, if elected, is to guarantee a handsome minimum profit for small business owners (to be paid for, as if magically, by, um, other small business, of course), such that they make nearly as much as their employees, and thereby save them and their businesses too. 

Thank God for liberals and progressive governments.  They fix everything. 

Vote liberal.

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