Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Country creeping into decrepitude

The Conference Board of Canada, a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit think-tank with a habit of stating unvarnished and often unflattering truths about our country, came out last week with a doleful “report card” on our...

Seniors are next target on the list

‘Maybe I’m paranoid, but I get edgy when I see what they’re doing to smokers’ ming eugiam, quip euisim.   Every time I see the little knot of people outside the back doors of the...

Religious leaders finally get some respect

Calgary’s Bishop Fred Henry was the first in Canada to make media waves   It’s encouraging to note that religious authority can be exercised these days without public scandal. Bishops, that is, can actually tell...

Disruption railroads Tory government

From the Native point of view, this blockade was anything but counter-productive There’s an old saying, often repeated by my wife in dealing with children—or sometimes with me—that goes: “Successful behaviour will be repeated.” Most...

Church sacrificed on altar of CBC

If there’s anything more bizarre than some of the shows the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation chooses to make on the Christian religion, it’s the explanation it often offers for making them. Take, for instance, The...

The hidden cost of ‘choice’

Originally published in the National Post November 7 2006, and reposted here at PTBC with the express permission of the author. In Canada, having an abortion is supposed to be all about “choice.” A woman’s...

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