Attention Toronto. This is your dear leader. You will listen. You have no choice. Vote Left…

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Creepy left-wing mayor of liberal-left central — David Miller of Toronto — to use city-wide P/A system for political pitches.  Huh.  Well as long as he doesn’t say “Merry Christmas”.

[My notes in blue and in square brackets, featuring pertinent information which the liberal-left media always leave out, especially when the story is about left-wing politicians (this one is about left on left action), and casts them in a bad light.]

Attention, TTC riders: This is your [left-wing] Mayor speaking

Natalie Alcoba, National Post; With Files From Adam McDowell
Published: Friday, April 16, 2010

[Left-wing] Toronto Mayor David Miller is talking to you, and—if you’re standing on a subway platform—you have no choice but to listen.

In an effort to pressure the [liberal-left Liberal Party] McGuinty government to reverse a decision to defer transit funding, Mr. Miller has taken the unusual step of recording a 30-second spot that will be heard every 10 minutes on the TTC’s public address system until Monday [just like in North Korea or the old North Vietnam or the old Soviet Union or Cuba or perhaps Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela]

In the very same paper (National Post), they devote at least two stories to Sarah Palin, whom their editorialists have previously described as “a complete idiot”.  Once again, that’s “complete idiot”.

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