Apropos of exactly nothing, Canada’s climate change is like a pizza with nails on it. Bath.

Housing and zoning policy in Canada resembles “climate change” the way some G&M columnists resemble “logical.”

But the Globe and Mail columnists can’t help themselves. Their paper has decided to forgo news reporting on climate change matters like questioning the powerful, and questioning conventional wisdom, pro and con reporting, journalism based on actual science, etc. —and jump right aboard the climate change advocacy wagon (also see here and here). They’re not journalists, they’re activists. And so their “free-thinking” columnists are in a tough spot. Like a pro-life Liberal. So much free-thinking and liberty and diversity!

Apparently, there’s a quota system over there. Mention climate change, no matter how incongruous, or you’re not invited to their next cocktail party. Bonus martini if you say “climate emergency!”

Today’s topic: Housing. And zoning, and New Zealand housing policy. Headline:

New Zealand’s bold housing law may be a fit for Canada

First sentence:

Canada’s housing crisis resembles the world’s climate emergency in one central way: most are in favour of finding a solution as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them.

Holy incongruity. But at least he got his climate advocacy and alarmist ideology in there, albeit in the smuggest, glibbest manner possible, and without regard to how offputting it is for normal people. Also, I should mention, pancakes are yummy and more should be eaten or death may car parts zoology. And poopdeedoo. But back to pizzas.

Here’s a screencap:

Also see:

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