Anti-Canadian oil idiot Sebastian Vettel set to retire now. Aww.

His name has come up at PTBC here and here recently. Suffice it to say I’m not a fan of this anti-Canadian idiot.

Perhaps Vettel, the F1 race car driver whose job is literally to burn thousands upon thousands of gallons of fuel purely for fun (he never wins these days, or even comes close) and profit (all his, not yours), and whose prime race-car sponsor is the egregious anti-gay, anti-women human rights abuser Saudi Arabia and its state-owned oil firm Aramco, wants to move on to idiot-style virtue-signaling and uber-hypocrisy full-time now.

Maybe he will invest in a chain of gas stations and a few Ferrari dealerships (taking after his team’s owner) in three or four different countries around the world that he can then fly back and forth between in his private jet, even while still calling Canadians “criminals,” when he visits Canada, because Canadians dare to supply him with oil products by way of, you know, oil drilling — no sorry “tar sands” (this is what all idiot left-winger nutbars unscientifically call oil drilling in Canada) oil extraction.

But whatever the case, it’s not an unhappy day for me. Team owner (and Canadian) billionaire Lawrence Stroll must now try to find a worthy replacement — one who is a good anti-Canadian climate change hysteric, among other things. Perhaps the CBC is a good place to start.

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