And Chretien, representing Liberal Canada, finishes 9th. (But he’s so dang proud to be there…)

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Marco Misinformer

Lots of tweets this morning about Marco ("Misinformer") Mendicino,...

  On my first day back from vacation yesterday, I noted how the ridiculous egoist and liberal Liberal Jean Chretien wagged his liberal Liberal finger at Conservative Prime Minister Harper for not being a good little suckup and attending the opening ceremonies in communist human-rights-abominator China (and how the Globe and Mail was, predictably, all over that big a Liberal … Chretien! … Said something! … We must report it!… “news” story yesterday). 

The Prime Minister shot back today with a gold medal winning FACT, which the entire Canadian news media managed to completely miss during their replays of the great Chretien accusation and finger-wag yesterday: 

“I would just point out that Mr. Chrétien almost never attended Olympics,” Harper said Tuesday in Hamilton, Ont. “So Mr. Chrétien’s being a bit hypocritical.”

Chrétien, who was prime minister from 1993 to 2003, attended the 1996 ceremonies in Atlanta but skipped the festivities in Lillehammer, Nagano, Sydney and Salt Lake City.

…And Chretien earns a 9th place finish.  But he enjoyed his day in the media spotlight, so it was worth every minute of the state-owned taxpayer-funded CBC coverage of the big news. 

I note that Chretien didn’t attend the China opening either.  Why?  And nor did Dion.  Or Layton.  Or anybody I know of from Canada. Yet it’s so damn important…


If Harper had attended, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he’s have been whacked by liberals and leftists and their media, country-wide, as being “a lap-dog of George Bush”, who did attend.


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