After accepting hundreds of mills in tax dollars, the Government Games “broke even” (—wink!)

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Wow that’s amazing. BC’s Olympic-sized liberal government’s Vancouver Organizing Committee politburo got all that money from the taxpayers (who really had no money to spend, but whatever), they overspent their initial “budget”, then they asked for more cash from the government (which the government once again took out of our pockets before we could get at it), they spent that too, and then the bureaucrats in the politburo smile for the cameras and declare they “broke even”. 

Congratulations.  They spent it all.  Well done.  High fives.

It actually smacked of an old Soviet Union press conference in which the bureaucrats presented total BS reports blaming “poor farming conditions” for past 75 years for the failure of socialism, so far;  and the state-run press dutifully sucked it up and printed it whole. 

Fantastic.  It is indeed the Government Games.  And you’ve been played. drinks the reddish-pink, progressive-flavored Koolaid in this report, as did every lamestream media source, (although mercifully, they also presented opposition in other reports):

Vancouver Games broke even with $1.8-billion cost

The 2010 Olympic Games managed to cover all its costs, breaking even on $1.88-billion worth of expenditures, according to final budget figures released Friday.

While the Vancouver organizing committee overspent on its initial $1.63-billion budget, corporate and public funds ensured that the final balance sheet had no red ink.

“The true measure of the 2010 Winter Games is not strictly financial, but a positive financial outcome is something we are very proud of in the story of the Games’ success,” said VANOC chief John Furlong in a statement.

“It is a key result we committed to and, through a true team effort, we have achieved it under some very challenging circumstances.”  …

Dear God. 

This, ladies and gentlemen of the lowly citizenry, is BS.  Orwellian, crap-speak of the progressive, big government kind, as presented by the like-minded liberal media which, as you look at the headline (above) again, doesn’t even bother to question it anymore.  It’s expected now, I guess.  Even embraced.  See it keeps cash out of the hands of the private citizen taxpayer, I guess they figure, where it could be misspent on taxpayers’ own families as they see fit. Beer, popcorn, that sort of thing.  Possibly trans fats.  Best the government spend our money.  We might do it wrong. 

Paragraph five:

…both provincial and federal funding made up shortfalls in the run-up to the games last February.

Well awesome job of “balancing” that budget, then. 

It sounds absolutely identical to the double-talk of all big-government progressives.  Don’t worry citizens!  We can balance that budget!  Now bend over while we raise taxes and extract it out of your family!

The politburo makes little mention of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the multiple state-owned, state-run white elephant arenas and ski jumps and “luge” tracks (did you know luge tracks are a core function of government now?  They are!  It’s true!), and other useless or near-useless junk built on prime, sometimes pristine real estate, which if any of them were truly valuable, corporations and private citizens would have been clamoring to gladly build, eons ago (except of course the government nobs wouldn’t have given them permits, based on some lame-ass “environmental” or “sports justice” meme). 

The citizens are very happy though, as will be explained by Team Government.  You see, as the politburo said (above), “The true measure of the 2010 Winter Games is not strictly financial…”.  It’s really all about how we the government have made you “feel” as a people. 

Here’s an actual quote from the chief mooky-mook (is that how you say it in Russian?) which I typed out as I heard it this morning on a video of the news conference:

“We like to believe that the country has been left with a certain sense of ‘confidence’, this new ability, this belief in ourselves, that we can do anything…”

Aww.  Hope y’all “feel good”.  Apparently progressives also believe that a core function of government is to spend our cash so that we “feel good”.

So no doubt the politburo would have you please just ignore the evidence presented by, for example, this online poll by the privately-owned this morning, which is obviously just another CIA or neocon or capitalist ploy of some sort: 

In other news from the left coast, BC’s socialist you’ve got to be kidding party, which is owned by extreme left-wing and I dare say Marxist labor unions, and which is even further left and more progressive than the BC Liberals, is poised to at least put up a strong fight in the upcoming provincial elections here, and may very well win.  It’s all actually working exactly right then, isn’t it? 

So expect far more of this.

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