A look deep into the bowels of liberal government ineptitude

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A hat tip to PTBC reader Ross M. for his regular updates on the ridiculous, universally detested (among us sensible folk) Liberal’s long-gun registry, via his various sources (often including the good Conservative M.P. Gary Breitkreuz who has been very effectively hammering Liberals about this for years). 

This one is a look deeper than most of us care to look at the inner workings of government—a government which today is and will for many years into the future be hamstrung and dogged by at least a decade of liberal and Liberal-induced total and utter ineptitude and disgraceful mismanagement of our nation and our nation’s treasure.

Read some of this exchange from the May 31 2006 meeting of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security.  Read the whole page at Gary Breitkreuz’s web site (takes another 3 minutes).

RWRS = Restricted Weapons Registry System (that’s handguns and such—not long guns).
Beverley Holloway = Chief Operating Officer of that “system”.
Tom Wappel = A Liberal MP.

Ms. Beverley Holloway: I’ll start with the RWRS one if I may, Mr. Chair and then maybe we could work backwards, because I think that was the main question.

Yes, this is the registration system that preceded our current database and we did have about 1.2 million prohibited and restricted firearms in that database. In 1998 when we went over to the new system we did write out to all of these people. We did try to follow up and tried to get them to register. That’s gone on for the last number of years. We’ve worked with enforcement agencies throughout Canada. We’ve tried, just as of late in the last year with the Surrey detachment in B.C. to go out and try to find these people. It’s an activity that is ongoing. We are trying to find this other half a million people, or the firearms actually, because there’ll be less people, to try to correct the situation. It’s ongoing, but we have been pursuing it and we do realize the importance of it.

So when the Auditor General reported that the information is available, it’s an interim solution. It’s a very difficult activity.

Mr. Tom Wappel: But these are not long guns. These are prohibited and restricted firearms and supposedly this system is to help the public safety of this country by knowing where these prohibited and restricted firearms are. By the way, these have been required to be registered since the early ‘30s, if I remember correctly.

Ms. Beverley Holloway: That’s correct.

Mr. Tom Wappel: So how can we say that this system is good, it’s worth $1 billion, it’s working, if we can’t even find 5.6 million prohibited and restricted firearms, never mind the long guns that people are shooting gophers with? How can one say that the system is effective?

Ms. Beverley Holloway: Mr. Chair, it’s 600,000 firearms, not—

Mr. Tom Wappel: I beg your pardon.

Ms. Beverley Holloway: That’s fine.

We do keep the original system. We do have an address of where these people last were and that’s the first step the police access, so we do try to follow back with their last address. That’s the information we have at this time.
Again, it’s 600,000 out of 7.1 million


Mr. Tom Wappel: No, no, it’s 600,000 out of 1.2 million restricted and prohibited weapons. Let’s not mix apples and oranges. These are the serious…the hand guns that can be concealed, automatic weapons….I don’t know what else is under prohibited, grenade launchers, whatever it is. I’m talking about prohibited and restricted firearms where there was some information as to where those prohibited and restricted firearms were, and three years after the deadline that the act required, 600,000 of them are still not in the system. That’s troubling to me.

Ms. Beverley Holloway: Yes. Certainly, we have made attempts over the last number of years to locate these people. We do have activities underway to continue to try to follow up and find these people.

Mr. Tom Wappel: I’m afraid that’s not reassuring.

For the math-impared and liberals, 600,000 out of 1.2 million = 50 percent.  That’s half.  HALF.  Of the restricted weapons.  Handguns, and such.  That have had to be registered since the 1930s.  In Canada.  Governed by liberals.  And Liberals are in favor of being in power. Managing our affairs.  Like this.

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