A Tamil Tiger-supporting student group rallies at a Canadian university.  Nobody says nuttin’. 

See, they weren’t ChristiansThat’s how you get the attention of folks today.  Hold a Christian rally at a public institution.  Or one against socialists.  Or a pro-life one.  Cops will be flying all over the place in a flash!

U. of Waterloo investigates on-campus Tamil Tiger martyrdom celebrations

Adrian Humphreys, CanWest News Service; National Post
Published: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

WATERLOO, Ont. – Martyrdom celebrations that praised Tamil Tiger soldiers and suicide bombers were held openly in the student centre of the University of Waterloo, where the FBI alleges a ‘‘procurement cell’’ for the terrorist organization was located.

The event where a large flag of the Tamil Tigers, picturing AK-47 assault rifles and a roaring tiger, makeshift tombstones and posters celebrating ‘‘Our Fallen Heroes’’ were all displayed was held last November in the Student Life Centre despite the club being under suspension by the school at the time.

The university had suspended the Waterloo Tamil Students Association (WATSA) after a similar ceremony was held in 2004, one in which large cutouts of armed men were featured and the Tiger flag also prominently displayed.

The club was suspended on Dec. 13, 2004, specifically for flying the Tigers flag, said Martin Van Nierop, spokesman for the university. The club’s status was returned in January 2006.

It is not known whether any of the men who are facing terrorism charges in the United States attended the meetings, but at least four of the men charged last week in a joint FBI-RCMP probe aimed at the Tamil Tigers were students or recent graduates of the school. Some were former executive members of WATSA.

’‘They weren’t supposed to have these kinds of events on campus and if they did it was against the bylaws that had been set up,’‘ Van Nierop said.


Oh dear.  It was against the by-laws.  The li’l terrorist-supporters should have known better than to not abide by the by-laws.  Darn misbehavers.

(Hat tip to Maureen again—thanks M!)

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