image Proving once again that the you’ve got to be kidding party exists only because the media props it up… Reader followup on my blog entry about the CBC radio host, who I’ve never heard of, being touted as “The Big NDP Star Candidate” in a riding in Montreal.  She’s the one who directly compared herself to Barack Obama, and who the CBC says everyone in Quebec thinks of as (and I quote) “the Oprah of Quebec”.  Again that’s “the Oprah of Quebec”

Is Oprah a socialist? She kind of seems like the opposite of Anne Lagacé Dowson.  For one thing, Oprah’s only got the one name, and Mizzz Anne Lagacé Dowson seems to have at least three. 


Re your article about the NDP nominee in Westmount.

I was born and bred in Montreal and consider myself pretty well up to date on who’s who in this city…. but I’ve never heard of this Anne Lagace Dowson until yesterday. That was the day the Montreal Gazette wrote a huge half page story about her nomination. 


Today’s supper time local news on ALL the networks had wide coverage of her……it seems like they are trying to make her into the winner before the by-election date has even been set.

She has a radio show on the local CBC station. I think that explains why I’ve never heard of her.

CBC english radio usually pulls in between 4 and 8 percent of the english speaking audience….in other words between 92 and 96% of anglo Montrealers NEVER listen to it..!!!!

But Westmount is not the place it was back in the 40’s or 60’s. Yes the wealthy are still there, but a big chunk of the population is now made up of professors, academic and hospital administrators, sociologists. artists etc etc……all good NDP fodder.

However, as much as the media are trying to push her forward I don’t think she’ll score more than 25% of the vote.


P.S.. When Guy Dufort was nominated as the Conservative candidate for Westmount I don’t recall his getting even one tenth of the coverage…