I usually tune into Joanne Jacobs’ blog to get my fill of the news on the education front, particularly regarding charter schools.  Today she points to a story Canadians can easily relate to, given our ridiculous government-mandated multicultural “cultural mosaic” edict as handed down by the Trudeau-era Liberal Party Zeitgeist and maintained today almost as if it’s a good thing. 

Dutch flag is unsafe at Dutch school
Two Dutch teen-agers were advised by their school’s principal to remove the Dutch flag from their book bags to avoid angering Moroccan students.

Dutch Report goes on:

In a radio interview, one of the boys was asked if he was a racist. He denied and told the reporter that his mother was black. When he was asked about the incident that lead to the prohibition he explained that he had some verbal exchange with a Moroccan boy during competition swimming. As a result a group Moroccan then threatened him on school. At that moment the boy went to the school director.

Two other Dutch schools ban the flag “because of the new social climate,” the Telegraaf newspaper reports. Over at Volokh, Dave Kopel has a translation of the story.

Violence by Moroccan students, especially at low-tier vocational schools, is an ongoing problem, Dutch Report writes, blaming poor support for teachers by administrators and police. Here Dutch Report links to a Dutch-language blog with a video of a Moroccan student threatening a teacher. In this case, police removed the student from the school.