Let the record show: State-owned CBC.ca fails to report on 15,000-person-strong pro-life rally today

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The Article

Dateline 4:46 PM PDT

What’s the matter, CBC — don’t you want Canadians to know the facts in Canada?  Do you choose which stories you want them to know about, and which ones you don’t want them to know about?  Don’t you want Canadians to know that thousands and thousands of people rallied on Parliament Hill today in support of life?  By not telling Canadians about this story on your web site, which is paid for by all taxpayers, aren’t you misleading them through an omission of facts?  Aren’t you deceiving them?  Isn’t this something of a lie to Canadians?

Don’t you want Canadians to know, CBC?

•  Even the Toronto Star is reporting on it using superlatives and a crowd estimate larger than even the organizers’ or the RCMP, at 15,000.
Huge anti-abortion rally hails Canada’s new foreign-aid stand
“Biggest-ever pro-life rally…”, they report.

•  CTV News Channel is on it (*See update-1 below):


•  The National Post is all over it.

•  Yahoo is on it:
Anti-abortion activists rally on Hill

•  The Globe and Mail is on it.
Anti-abortion activists praise Harper’s maternal-health stand

Only the CBC is not on it:


I even watched the online video of the latest CBC News “The National” with Peter Mansbridge —it was not covered.

Hey I wonder what would happen if 450 gays marched on Parliament Hill!  Or 65 “artists”!  Or 11 pro-CBC activists. 

On the the liberalvision, CTV News Channel’s “Power Play” show, substitute-hosted today by reporter Tonda MacCharles of the far-left Toronto Star, MacCharles decided, for some reason, to state that the number in the crowd was “5,000”, even though all the press reports state that the RCMP estimated the crowd at “10,000”, and as I stated, even the far-left Toronto Star estimated it at “15,000”. When one of her guests was discussing the “10,000” folks at the rally, she interrupted and corrected him and said that “the RCMP said it was 5,000!”.

Tonda MacCharles 

Liberal MP, and someone apparently eager to advance only a totally intellectually dishonest, full of BS-style discussion on abortion, Judy Sgro, said on the program “…You have Judy Sgroto question whether or not Mr Harper doesn’t like women.”

Seriously?  “You have to question whether Mr. Harper doesn’t like women?”  She actually said that.  Is she an idiot?  I’ll let you decide.  But oh yes.  I’m so sure Stephen Harper “doesn’t like women”.  What a deceptive, childish, buffoon.  That’s how liberals think —and debate.  How can you “debate” with this kind of buffoon?  How can you take people like that seriously?

The screen capture at left was taken at almost the exact moment when the Liberal MP Judy Sgro questioned whether “Stephen Harper doesn’t like women”.  I like to take screen captures like that at the exact moment when they are being completely insane, or dishonest, or idiotic, or whatever it is.

Incidentally, the reporter/moderator, Tonda MacCharles from the Toronto Star, simply let that comment slide, absolutely unchallenged.  That’s what I call good teamwork.  Way to go, you progressive women!

Vote liberal.

Checked one last time at CBC.ca.  Still nothing on the rally.  So I’ll post another one of their motto/slogan/advertising graphics because of the stench of ugly irony and lies contained therein:

•  Checking this morning (Friday May 14 at 9:00 AM PDT), I find that the CBC.ca finally had an article in place — at 9 PM last night.  How timely!  It was written not by them, but by Canadian Press (so in other words, they didn’t even bother to have a reporter write about it themselves, but farmed it out, instead, to another news agency, whom they paid with CBC/your cash).  And it only appeared briefly, it seems, since that late pseudo-report cannot even be found at CBC.ca this morning, a scant 12 hours later, but for a tiny allusion to it near the bottom of their news page’s also-ran section called “More Headlines From Canadian Press”, which is at the bottom of the page where nobody bothers to go.  Look carefully below and you’ll see it where I highlighted it in yellow for you.

•  A reader named Diane also emailed that CBC’s “The National” covered it late last night on their late news show.  I was referring more specifically to their web site of course, and I actually don’t stay late enough to watch the late news, but as I mentioned, I’d viewed the “latest” Peter Mansbridge video found at the CBC web site yesterday evening, and it lacked any mention of the event.

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