CBC: Why not just read PTBC? (Or DO you?); Re my latest exposure of CBC’s anti-conservative bias.

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Marco Misinformer

Lots of tweets this morning about Marco ("Misinformer") Mendicino,...

I was once told by CBC lawyers, who sent threatening legal documents to my HOME, and whom I guess I paid with my tax dollars, that they “would be monitoring my site” —meaning this PTBC web site — and unless I complied with their threats, they would sue me to what I calculated amounts to kingdom come, thus bankrupting me and my family.  Charming folks over there.  And yes, by way of reminder, this is Canada, and not Iran or Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela (sorry Jack!).  That ever so normal action took place because they hated that I was using video (YouTube-style, but YouTube was very young, then) evidence to expose their abject left-wing political bias and perfidy, and their near-pornographic lewdity, and posting it here, on the internet.  They really weren’t interested in my research so much.  So I guess it’s possible they actually are still reading my blog entries and those of the columnists found at PTBC.  I hope so.

Let the record show: State-owned CBC.ca fails to report on 15,000-person-strong pro-life rally today

Lots of email! —thanks.  Maybe use the blog commenting feature also or instead?  Anyhoo:

Here’s what a commenter wrote in the comments section of that (now updated) entry, and an emailer wrote in an email, in response to that blog entry —and my two-fer reply in the comments section (for efficiency!).


From: Matthew B
Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 4:15 AM
To: Joel Johannesen
Subject: CBC to study whether its news is biased | Canada | News | Ottawa Sun

Hi Joel,

I think this would be a perfect article to follow up your recent posts…but of course the real question is not if the CBC’s news is biased (“Duhhhhhh…”), it’s how biased is this study going to be?


Here’s a quote…
“Our job — and we take it seriously — is to ensure that the information that we put out is fair and unbiased in everything that we do,” CBC President Hubert Lacroix said.

He said CBC asked outside experts to conduct an independent review of its news gathering and delivery last year.

Who were the “outside experts” they asked? Frank Graves? Jane Taber? Francois Houle?

Matt B.

Kanata ON

…And my reply to both, as posted in the comments section:

@Bob Devine – If I worked for the CBC, typically I’d be paid huge journalist union bucks to do this kind of work.  But I wouldn’t be a suitable candidate for the job, even though I’ve done this for years and have methodically, and practically scientifically proven their bias, over and over and over again.  For example, they apparently hired somebody else, it was revealed this week, to research whether or not they are biased.

CBC to study whether its news is biased
-May 13 2010
(Thanks to Matt B for that link)

Because they’re still not sure yet.  They keep telling us they’re sure.  But I guess they aren’t actually so sure.  So they will spend our taxpayer dollars to see if they are sure or not, for sure.

I’m guessing the “report” will magically prove they are unbiased.

I’m thinking they hired Frank Graves of EKOS for the job.

In that article referred to above about the CBC study, even a CBC editor was cast as being dubious:

CBC to study whether its news is biased

…Jeffrey Dvorkin, a former National Public Radio vice-president and CBC Radio chief journalist, said bias studies depend on the questions asked and are often suspect.

“I fear this may be part of the CBC’s attempt to placate its political opponents […] ”

Here’s another handy tip for the “researchers”, aside from simply reading PTBC:  Just review the reader comments at the CBC.ca web site.  There, you’ll get a good handle on the type of followers the state-owned CBC has attracted and then nurtured over the years.  I created an entire category for the research I’ve done just on their extremist, hateful, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian, extreme left-wing character (or lack thereof).  For example, on a CBC.ca news story about the death of another Canadian soldier fighting for Canada and freedom in Afghanistan, one CBC reader/commenter derisively wrote “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”.  And it was approved.  The fact is, no “neutral” or “unbiased” news web sites (nor regular conservative advocacy sites like this) attract that kind of hateful, overtly extremist, and of course biased crowd on such a regular basis, nor in such huge numbers, all of whom expect to — and do — get away with it.

Since their readers have been commenting along the lines of “THEY DESERVED TO DIE” —and the CBC “moderators” (check them out too!) APPROVED those posts, I think this again proves an awful lot.  So don’t just check the readers’ comments —check out the moderators.  Trust me: it’s systemic.

You’re welcome, CBC and your “researchers”.  Don’t pay me.  Just let me keep my cash.  Thanks.

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