“Canadian Values”, liberal-left style, again

UPDATE 6:30 PM Feb 23: I’ve already had a couple of people email their concerns indicating that I shouldn’t have linked to the video flick in question, below.  But the link is to the state-run CBC web site, where the video resides.  If I failed to make the point in my blog comments, let me try again:  I certainly hope you don’t feel the need to have parental control on this web site.  This material did not originate here, nor even on some porno web site.  It is currently on the state-run and state-funded CBC.ca web site!  Do you need to slap parental controls on your government and taxpayer-funded web site, since that’s where so much of the material I’ve recently blogged about comes from?  That’s the question.

I’ve also removed some of the many obscured photos that I originally placed in this blog entry, in case I was overstating the point.

I appreciate the feedback and hope I’ve addressed the concerns raised.

Though I’m no prude, ProudToBeCanadian.ca is not a porno site.  But I found this 15-minute video flick on the internet and thought I’d share it with you in some small way because I was once again surprised where it came from, and what they plan on doing with it; where they plan on showing it, and at whose expense.

OK I’ll just give it away this time.  Yes, as I’ve done before with my exposure of the state-run CBC’snerve” web site at which the state has deemed it important for the male kids to learn about waxing their balls, and all the kids getting their bodies pierced with meat hooks, and other depraved activities for the teens (see blog entry here, and LifeSite article here), I found this flick at the state-run CBC.ca’s giant multi-million-dollar people’s web site.  Apparently they plan on showing this 15-minute flick on TV on March 1st, and another way you can watch it is online, at the state-run web site, as I found out.

Here are some of the still-captures I was able to make from the flick using my computer software.  Yes, again because this isn’t a porno web site, I did obscure the images so you couldn’t see the nudity full-strength, as the CBC would like you to see it.  And of course the pictures here are tiny compared to what they show you, enabling you to see the fairly intimate details of women’s sexual organs and such, which, as we know, is a Canadian Value”, according to the liberals:

image image


So I hope you like it. I hope the young ‘uns do too.  It will be shown on your local CBC stations right across the country late at night (11:35 PM), I’m led to believe, on their “ZED” program I think.  But it’s available any time of the day or night to all the kids, at the state-run people’s web site, CBC.ca.  I certainly found it easily enough, and I wasn’t even trying.

The flick is called “Cashback”.  It’s not Canadian.  I’ll give you my synopsis so you don’t have to subject yourselves to it.  It’s excruciatingly boring.

It’s a (non-Canadian) short film, ostensibly about a young man (I’d personally ID him at a bar) who works at a supermarket but hates his job and is… obsessed with “the inner beauty of women”.

Wow.  That sure get him off the victimizing women and objectifying women thing, doesn’t it?  From the few porn movies I’ve been subjected to (and I mean that in the most negative possible way), I find that nearly all of them try to clear up the whole “oh we respect women” thing right away by saying things like that.  They think that then redeems them and allows them to point to the part where they explain how they so massively respect women “for their brains” and “their inner beauty”.  Then they get on with the gratuitous nakedness. In this case, sex is not at issue.  Just naked women.

The whole first half sets it up as such.  The whole second half is naked women.  It’s actually a movie which is about showing naked women—full frontal naked women—from every angle—and as close-up as possible without actually putting your eye out—and showing them over and over, naked.  Only fantastic model-like women of course—that’s how people who think with their brains instead of what’s in their pants know it’s got absolutely nothing to do with “inner beauty” at all.  (Whoops—back to junior Hollywood film-making school, at taxpayers’ expense, you brilliant “artists”!)

Here’s the link directly to the flick, but be warned, the second half of the flick is filled with full-frontal nudity. Of course I do realize that that warning is like an alert to teenagers and pre-teens to definitely go and see it because it contains nudity.  It’s better known as the “better watch it, kids, wink!” alert, as the CBC and everyone on earth knows.

[2019 EDIT: Links dead now]

image State-run CBC’s “Canadian Values” flick called Cashback
(15 minutes)

Here’s the link to the introduction page for the flick.

Here’s the picture they show on the introduction page right above the “adult-only warning” (or what is actually better known as the “better watch it, kids, wink!” alert).


Complain here:
· http://www.cbc.ca/ombudsman/page/contact.html

· and of course your local MP.

· Minister of Heritage

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